About The Capital Sports Forecast



The Capital Sports Forecast (CSF) is the sports forecasting division of Maryland Weather Center (MWC), who’s mission along with providing “quick and easy weather,” is to “Bridge the gap between DC sports and its weather.” This website publishes forecasts for the Washington Nationals MLB Club as well as the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs PBC.

*CSF is not affiliated in anyway with the Washington Nationals, or the United States National Weather Service. It is a Nationals fan run site.*

The weather in the DC metro area is chaotic at times, seeing all extremes of the four seasons the US sees every year. Snow, rain, humidity, dangerous cold, sunny skies, severe weather, tropical storms, and much more. We see it all. Baseball season dips its finger in the tail end of spring, the beginning of fall, and submerses it self in all of summer. All three seasons has its plus and minus for weather, and NatsWx job is to help you as a fan navigate it. Operated by weather and DC sports die hard fan, Josh Owens, the Nationals Weather Service is ready to help Nats fans stay safe and become weather aware during the season.

Forecasts from CSF can be seen here on this blog and out twitter page, @NatsWx, as well as the Citizens of Natstown (Cits of Natstown) blog, the Red Porch Report (RPR) blog, along with additional audio forecasts on the RPR official podcast.

If you are interested in helping publish forecasts, contribute to future content, or contact CSF for any reason, please send an email to Josh: Josh@mymdweather.org


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