Here are some websites we proudly support and love to collaborate with!

MWC is a member of the Priority Weather Group, featuring the best of up and coming forecasters, weather pages, and forecasts in the nation.



TerpWeather’s mission is “To provide timely and accurate information about threatening weather to the students, faculty and staff of the University of Maryland as well as residents of College Park and surrounding communities with the objective of promoting awareness and education about the weather”

TerpWeather Home Page

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Southern Maryland News & Weather

This page was one we first met in the winter of 2011 during a small “snow event” going through the area, over the months this page became a popular contact for us on Twitter and now on Facebook. They provide forecasts for the 3 counties that make up southern Maryland and do an excellent job of it.

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Cirrus Weather: Kansas

Cirrus Weather has been a trusted source for Kansas weather information since its founding in October 2010. With a reputation for being reliable, accurate, passionate and personal, they are known as the number one source for Kansas weather among their network of over 11,000 followers. Their strong presence online and across multiple social media platforms makes for a unique and innovative way for you to get the information you are looking for conveniently, easily, and quickly for the Central Plains.

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Texas Storm Watch

Texas Storm Watch is a weather blog that was created with you in mind! Whether it’s Severe Weather, Winter Weather, or Hurricanes, we’ve got you covered. Coverage includes the entire state of Texas and the surrounding areas.




WeatherOn is an organization that focuses on bringing informational forecasts and climate awareness to the greater Washington and Oregon areas.

WeatherOn, The place where weather is always on.

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Suncoast Stormwatch

Suncoast Stormwatch was created in September 2008 by Matt Bolton, as a way to share weather information with residents of West Central Florida. Here, Matt has created an in-depth portal for all things related to Florida weather, and maintains a weather blog as well, where he posts local forecasts and educational weather information..

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