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Maryland Weather Center was founded in January of 2011 by aspiring meteorologist Josh Owens, as a website to better provide the residents and visitors of the state of Maryland and Delaware a simple way to find their weather. MWC gives daily forecasts along with severe, winter, and tropical weather coverage for events happening within forecast zone. We don’t promise perfection in our forecast, but we can guarantee our best effort, 110% of the time.

Find us on Facebook and follow on Twitter (@mymdwx)

Notable events in our history:

March of 2011 | MWC joined forces with Foot’s Forecast and has been with them ever since.

May 2011 | Founding of MWC: Facebook

September of 2011 |
During the events of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee, Owens teamed up with Mark Gonzalez as a forecasting partner.

January 2012 | MWC began covering Delaware in the forecast zone. (See map below)

February 2012 | Founding of MWC: Twitter

April 2012 | Activation and permanent switchover to new website

June 2012 | Mark Gonzalez concluded three year run as long term forecaster with MWC under good terms.

November 2015 | Revival of site.

Who We Cover:

Meet the team:

  • Josh Owens | Director, founder, severe weather, and short range forecaster. Graduate of the 2010 Howard University CAREERS Weather Camp. Graduate of College of Southern Maryland with AA in General Studies and focus in Digital Media.
  • More team members coming soon.



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