What’d They Say? A Look At Other Winter Outlooks.

So we talked about this…MWC isn’t likely to post a winter outlook this year, at least as of right now. We still may do something by our typical Thanksgiving posting date. However, I’ll peek and look at what some are saying. This will serve as a comprehensive list of what others are saying about this winter. Who are these “others” I speak of? Meteorologists, forecasters and others I look to and trust with this stuff. So, here we go:

Doug Kammerer/StormTeam4 (NBC 4)

Capital Weather Gang (Washington Post)

National Weather Service (NOAA)


Joe Bastardi (WeatherBell)

Cirrus Weather (MWC Affiliate)

WeatherOn (MWC Affiliate)

More will come as time progresses, but for now…this is what we’ve got.


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